SudPrize® Virtual Reality Glasses

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3D VR Device with Magnetic Trigger-Upgraded Ultra light Children Virtual Reality Headset Version Glasses Games & Video - Watch Movies In Breathtaking HD for smartphone 4-6 inch

  • ✓Magnetic Gyro Sensors: it is compatible with all entertainment applications for Google cardboard.
  • ✓Adjustment of Pupil Distance: the pupil distance can be adjusted to remove the ghost image after you wear the equipment properly.
  • ✓Ultra light: reduces pressure on your eyes and nose by 30% so you can use it for longer. Can be used as gifts for friends, children, the elderly.
  • ✓Upgrade Material: Using 42.22mm double aspheric surface glass lenses,changed screen distortion, low light transmittance, Vertigo and optical errors and lenses cracked ills.
  • ✓Usage of AR: 4-6inch phone can use AR by it, AR is the simplest application of so-called "augmented reality", which through superimposing the real scene catch by the camera of the phone and the video of the phone palying. The camera of the phone can catch the sence out of itself to make photo and play video. When some application or games need the feature, it can realize the simple augmented reality.

*One VR Glasses for each qualified winning code inside SudPrize® Box