About Us

More than just a typical Fizzy Bath Ball, SudPrize® is a first ever line of skin-loving and natural bath products that make bath time Fun for Kids and Easy for Moms. A Free companion App, SudBudz® Run engages your children into an immersive world of special and unique characters called SudBudz®. Collectible cards inside SudPrize® box helps children unlock each character on the game while allowing them to play in an augmented reality world. Inside each box also has a Golden Ticket with a special code that will WIN you a special prize! 
Our companion app, SudBudz® Run integrates augmented reality technology for a virtual and immersive experience.


We make learning FUN!


SudPrize® packaging is made from quality, eco-friendly materials and are meant to be kept as a keepsake or decor. We use natural ingredients in our products. 


Every month, we give a portion of our proceeds to a chosen charity.

*Children     *Animal Welfare     *Environment